Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Treasure Chest

In early 2013, I decided that I wanted to try refinishing a piece of furniture. I've watched HGTV enough and got a case of "want-itis" that last year was the year to finally act!
The only problem was that I didn't own a piece of furniture that I was ready to repaint...nor did I want to ruin a piece.

Our church opened a high-end charity store to benefit children and families in crisis in the Palm Beach County area called Treasures of Hope in early 2013. I purposed to call and talk with someone about refinishing a piece of furniture that had come in and was unfortunately unsellable, sand it and repaint it, then bring it back to the store for resale. This was a great way for me to try my hand at something new without having to purchase a piece of furniture. It benefited children and families. And it was okay if I failed. Neither party had money in the piece. The point was that I was trying.

The store agreed and a few weeks later I received a call about a little chest that needed some TLC. It's former home was in an elementary teacher's classroom. It had many layers of paint and took some muscle power to sand.

Here's the front of the chest in it's original state.

Here's the back of the chest in it's original state.

I sanded down the chest which took hours due to the layers of paint.
Then I used Behr Self-Priming Interior Flat Snow Fall paint in matte and dry brushed it on.
Unfortunately, I lost photos on this project!! Darn it!!
But the next step was to dry brush a second layer of Behr Self-Priming Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel Seafoam Pearl paint on it. And that was it!

Here's my chest sitting in the furniture store! Exciting!
Unfortunately, no photo of the front! :(

In less than 24 hours, someone purchased it for $75. I had this exhilarating feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, especially since it called out to someone just like in those Pier One commercials! I love the Seafoam Pearl shade on this project. I actually used it again on a mirror but that's for another post.


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