Monday, February 10, 2014

Fasion Menu & Morning Routine Update


I haven't posted in a couple weeks as I'm finishing up a year long Biblical leadership program that I graduate from the first of March. I have to complete a final practicum which has taken up any extra time that I have. I hope to be posting more frequently soon!

In my last post I mentioned wanting to create a weekly fashion menu to make my morning routine more efficient. Well, I'm here to tell you that it works! 

For the last three weeks, I've taken time every Sunday evening to look up the weather and create a fashion menu for the week. I have a small, cute spiral notebook, that I already had, and have turned it into my fashion notebook. Each page is the menu for the week.

I have a four day office schedule and the rest of my work is done at home so my fashion menu focus has been mainly on the four days I go in to the office and then any other events, meetings, etc., on the other days. 

It takes me less than 10 minutes to think through clothing, accessories and shoes. This week I referred back to the previous weeks just to get ideas on outfits I had worn. This will definitely be helpful when I have more weeks planned out in my spiral notebook. Being able to look back and see an outfit I haven't worn in a while will be helpful and it will keep my wardrobe fresh.

Also, to update you on my morning routine, I wanted to tell you how much more efficient I've become besides just in the fashion department.

I decided to set a timer on my phone to see how long it takes to do certain things like shower and put on make-up. Sometimes I can lollygag so the timer has helped me to find where I get off track. 

First was the shower. It took me approximately 12 minutes to shower and wash my hair the first time I used the timer. I wanted to keep my shower under 10 minutes including drying off, putting moisturizer on my face and deodorant. The next time I showered, I stayed focused and didn't take my sweet 'ole time, and sure enough, I got in and out in under 10 minutes. 

Second was putting on my make-up. I tend to sit on the bed while watching TV and put on my make-up. I know I'm weird! Well obviously the TV slows me down but I do enjoy sitting and I don't have that as an option in my bathroom. It was taking me 15 minutes or more. Now, I've got it down to under 10 minutes. 

I now do my make-up first if my hair is wet so that my hair has time to air dry some and then it won't take as long to blow dry it - another tip. When I blow dry my hair, it can take up to 20 minutes. If I air dry it while putting on my make-up, it will take 10-15 minutes. 

Saving 5 minutes here and there can add up which you can use either to sleep (yeah right) or to create some room in your morning routine so you are not so rushed. 

This has allowed me to have additional time to put towards breakfast, feeding the cats or my devotionals. And sometimes my husband will feed the cats - BONUS!

Try out fashion menu planning or timing yourself in the morning and let me know what you discover.


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