Monday, November 18, 2013

The Life Preserver

I'm in a biblical leadership class and recently each student gave a five minute devotional/mini sermon on the topic of their choice. Long story short, I spoke on finding hope when all hope seems lost. I used the analogy of drowning in an ocean of hopelessness and depression, and choosing to look up at the life preserver ring and swim for it.

I decided to use a life preserver ring to describe "the tools" we can use to find hope again through Jesus which allows us to swim and not sink. We can look up from underneath the water and choose to be rescued and find the hope Jesus has for us.

When I found this life preserver, I was like a kid in a candy store! It spoke to me just like items for sale in those Pier 1 commercials speak to their prospective buyers. I wonder where this life preserver has traveled and if it's rescued anyone. I think about a cloudy, windy, rainy day on the ocean, and the vessel that charge it's waters with this life preserver on it as a symbol of safety.

This life preserver has become special to me, much more than I ever thought. It's a daily reminder of how much I need Jesus to rescue me and give me hope. I want to frame it. I've seen them used in interior design and it just makes my eyes bug out of my head because I LOVE IT!!!!

Photo via Coastal Living

Let me know if you are interested in nautical decor. I may be getting my hands on some soon. I would love to sell all things nautical - glass bouys, life preservers, anchors, netting, lighting, etc!

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  1. I love how you thought about that life preserver and what it means to you. That is the same way i feel about the anchor and why I love them so much. I needed a life preserver and then the anchor to keep me in place and give me hope. Love you!!!